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DIY Rustic Farmhouse Raised Tray – My P31 Home
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DIY Rustic Farmhouse Raised Tray

It seems like everywhere I turn this year, I’m seeing wood beads. And with that the gears are turning, as I wonder what my next DIY project will be and how I might incorporate some. If you read my blog last week, you would have already seen the tutorials I posted for the rustic farmhouse beaded garland and the Dollar Store topiary tree. What I haven’t shared yet is the pretty tray they are sitting on. That’s the one I’m sharing today.

All it took was a few supplies from the dollar store, and now this gorgeous tray is sitting on the island in my kitchen. I love it! If you’d like to make your own, I’ll show you how. Just follow the instructions below.


  • 2 Wood Cutting Boards
  • About 100 medium-sized wooden beads
  • White chalk paint
  • Glue
  • 4 Finials (or whatever you’d like to use for feet)


  1. Glue the beads along the four edges of one board. If you are using Elmer’s glue it dries clear.
  1. Once the beads are all glued on, let it dry for about two hours.
  2. Paint the beads. Don’t be too perfect as you are going for a rustic look. Scratchy paint lines are fine.
  1. Once all of the beads are painted, run a line of glue on top of the beads and glue the second board in place. Put a weight on top and let it dry overnight.
  1. Return to your project the next day and glue your feet on. I got my finials off of curtain rods at the dollar store. You could also use small drawer knobs. (Whatever you like.)
  1. With a small amount of paint, dry brush the top and the sides. When I dry brush, it’s almost like I’m scratching the paint on with a nearly dry brush. I use so little paint and keep going over it until I am satisfied. When I’m doing this kind of project, I want to see brush lines and I want the paint to be uneven.
  1. Let the paint dry for a few hours, and you are done!

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