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DIY Painted Mason Jars – My P31 Home
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DIY Painted Mason Jars

DIY Mason Jars by Darlene Schacht

If you’re looking for a super-affordable DIY project, this is the one. These jars cost me 50 cents each at the Goodwill store, and the acrylic paint comes from Michael’s and the dollar store. Plus they take less than five minutes to decorate. How great is that?!



1. Wash and dry your mason jar.

2. Pour a bit of paint into the bottom of your jar.

  1. Tilt the jar and roll the paint around the inside until it’s completely covered, but only up to the threaded area of the jar.
  1. Once the paint is covered up to the threaded part, place the jar upside down on a paper plate. The paint will run down and cover the threaded area. Leave them upside down for about two hours. If you notice any spots that need a little extra paint, you can add more and then place it mouth down once again.
  1. After about two hours, turn the jars over and let the insides dry completely overnight.

About the Author:

Darlene Schacht and her husband Michael live in Manitoba Canada where the summers are beautiful and the winters are cold. Together they’ve raised four children and have welcomed two grand children into their family.

She began her publishing journey about fourteen years ago when she pioneered one of the first online magazines for Christian women, known at the time as “Christian Women Online Magazine.” After three years, Darlene left CWO to blog as a solo author at Time-Warp Wife Ministries.

Being the youngest of six girls in a house without boys gave Darlene the opportunity to watch, to listen, and to learn what it takes to manage an organized house.

My P31 Home is a warm blend of Darlene’s writing and love for a comfy, pretty, and organized home. It’s a small corner of the world where faith, family, and home come together in one beautiful place.

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