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6 Simple Rules for Home Organization – My P31 Home
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6 Simple Rules for Home Organization

Home Organization article by Darlene Schacht

Maybe you’ve never been an organized person, but have recently set out to change that. Good! I’m glad you’re on board. Having an organized home doesn’t just look good, it feels good! Just take a look at this before and after photo and you’ll see what I mean.

Now, that’s only one shelf. Multiply that by the number of cupboards, and closets, and drawers in your home and you’ll start to see how organization can bring a sense of calm to your home.

When I look at nature, I see that God intended things to be organized. He’s organized the days, He’s organized the seasons, and He’s organized the years. Even birds fly in an organized manner. There’s a peaceful rhythm in nature, and that same peaceful rhythm can be brought into your home.

Not sure how to get started? Here are 6 simple rules for home organization:

  1. Formulate a game plan. Decide what you’d like to see changed and then plan out your strategy. Make yourself a daily schedule, including which areas you’d like to prioritize. While you’re at it, make checklists to gain a sense of accomplishment as you are going along. If you don’t have a home management binder, now might be a good time to start one.
  2. Break the job down into smaller, more manageable tasks. For example, don’t just say “Kitchen.” Say something like 3 Kitchen Drawers, Under the Kitchen Sink, The Pantry… The smaller the job, the easier each one is to tackle.
  1. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Instead of trying to do it all in one week, set a reasonable time frame like four months or a year. Taking on an entire house is too much for anyone to handle. When Andrea Barber (Fuller House) had her kitchen done, she had four experienced women working together in one room. And so, remember, you don’t have to have it all done at once. (Note: Try to do a small area every day if you can).
  2. Get the right tools. If you’re looking for labels, containers, hooks, bins, baskets, or boxes, the Dollar Store is the place to go. These items can add up quickly, but if you’re taking it slow by tackling one area at a time you can buy a few items here and there.
  3. Empty each area completely before organizing. As you are going through each area, empty the contents (if possible) completely before putting them back. This will give you a chance to wipe down the area and start fresh.
  4. Don’t be afraid to pare down. Paring down is essential to good home organization. Keep boxes handy at all times for donations or things you want to sell. Need a little help in this area? Read my article, “Toss Out 25 Things – 4 Guidelines for Living With Less.